Tracy, A.
Autograph Letter Signed, Tunbridge, Vermont, February 14, 1853 to J. F. Colsitte

quarto, two pages, neatly inscribed in ink, mailing envelope missing, otherwise very good.


Tracy writes discussing the business of sheep breeding and raising:

"Dear Sir,

I write you at this time by request of Mr. D. B. Dunham a neighbor of mine about sheep, he says you requested him to find you two good ewes and write what they could be bought for describing the sheep &c &c

I keep but a few sheep from 75 to 100 - am wintering little over 100 this winter they are the Gaudalupe and Paular Merinos, last fall I purchased a Buck and Ewe of the "Atwood" blood, they are medium size, low on the leg, sound handsome sheep with a very thick fine fleece and rather oily. The Buck is quite dark colored on the surface and is a superb animal I got them in St. Albans Franklin Co. Vt. and it is said there that this breed shear more wool according to the live weight than any other breed in the state. I keep no wethers and but few bucks my flock have averaged for 3 years past from 4 ½ to 4 ¾ pounds per head of clean wool. I sold my wool last year immediately after shearing for 37 ½ cts which was higher than any other lot in town sold at that time.

Mr. Dunham says you would like some that are pretty dark colored with fine heavy fleeces. I suppose you are aware that ewes that are very dark when yearlings and when in good condition become lighter colored as they grow older but some especially as they are brought into low condition by breeding as they will be unless extra feed and care is bestowed on them. I give my sheep ordinary keeping feed no grain except sometimes to my ewes a few weeks before dropping their lambs.

I can send you some sheep the same blood of those which Mr. Dunham took to Newport. I can send you a 2 years old ewe medium size that sheared 5 ¼ lbs of wool is very handsome and quite dark surface, she is worth $ 10.00 - I can send you another same age and weight of fleece a larger ewe but not quite so dark, price $ 10.00 - I can send you a 3 years old ewe larger should judge she would weigh over 100 lbs, she sheared 6 ½ lbs of wool and raised a good lamb she was very dark when a yearling - is one of my choice ewes, price $ 12.00 - I can send you another 2 years old not very dark but well wooled all over sheared 5 lbs. price $ 8.00 - I can send you a lamb not very large but will make a splendid ewe fleece very thick and nice she is worth $ 6.00.

The above ewes are in lamb by my Atwood Buck - I have described a few sheep as they are and the prices the same as I should if you were here - please write soon and if you want any of the above described sheep say which ones and they shall be put up in good shape and delivered at So. Royalton Depot free of charge."