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  • Killgrove Letters
    142 letters, 331 pages, mainly typed or written on airmail letter-sheets, in generally very good, clean and legible condition, some tears and scotch tape repairs, occasional light damp-staining, otherwise very good. The collection also includes a photo album of snap shots taken by and of Miss Killgrove, containing 55 snap shot photographs, mainly identified in typescript captions, plus 65 loose snap shot photographs, with seven related ephemeral items.
    Collection of letters written by Ethel A. Killgrove to her mother Amelia Killgrove, and her brother Tom from Arabia and Ethiopia, describing her work as a missionary in Arabia and Ethiopia. Ethel Killgrove was working for the Soudan Interior Mission which was established in 1893. SIM as it is currently known, is an international, interdenominational Christian mission organization. After many mergers the Sudan Interior Mission goes by the name of "Serving in Mission," or SIM. It is made up of united organizations that began over a hundred years ago, including Africa Evangelical Fellowship, Andes Evangelical Mission, International Christian Fellowship, and the Sudan Interior Mission. Miss Killgrove writes to her family describing life in Aden, then under British rule, and in Addis Ababa and other locations in Ethiopia, her letters describe conditions, learning both Arabic and Amharic, tensions in the area resulting from the end of World War II, the birth of Israel and the conflict in Palestine, the hostility of Saudi Arabs and Yemenis to the presence of missionaries in the area. She describes Jews leaving Arabia by the boat and truck load passing through the port of Aden bound for the new Jewish State. Miss Killgrove worked primarily among… more >