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  • Unpublished Manuscript Narrative of Mexican War Service
    Quarto, 201 manuscript pages, neatly inscribed in ink, some minor wear and spotting to several pages, else in very good, clean and legible condition.
    An unpublished manuscript account, written shortly after the author’s return from the front to his native Philadelphia, describing his experiences in Mexico during the conflict from 1846-1848.        George W. McCullough was 21 when he enlisted December 1, 1846 in Philadelphia, with Co. F. 1st Pennsylvania Regiment, known as the Philadelphia Light Guards. He mustered out July 28, 1848.1    “It was likely that the Philadelphia Light Guards of Captain John Bennett existed before the beginning of hostilities with Mexico. Having volunteered early for service, the company was notified in November 1846 that it would be included in Pennsylvania’s 1st Regiment. The Guards left Philadelphia by train on 7 December for the rendezvous at Pittsburgh. First Lieutenant Horace B. Field, 3rd U.S. Artillery, mustered the Light Guards into Federal service on 15 December.     The Light Guards performed faithful service during the investment of Vera Cruz, the battles of Cerro Gordo and La Hoya, action at Puebla, the defense of Perote and the battle of Huamatla. On 8 December 1847 they arrived at Mexico City for occupation duty.     The Philadelphia companies of the 1st Regiment, including the Philadelphia Light Guards, returned to their home city at about 7:00 A.M. on 24 July 1848. The welcome was tremendous. On 28 July, Captain George Taylor, 3rd U.S. Artillery, mustered the veterans… more >