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  • People in Downtown Havana Shoeshine Newstand]
    46 Vintage prints by Walker Evans. These images were printed by Evans in Cuba in 1933.
    The 46 photographs in this collection were taken and printed in Cuba by Walker Evans in 1933 and then given by Evans to Ernest Hemingway to take back to America, as a precautionary measure, on the Anita, a rented fishing boat. The collection of vintage prints, offered here, is the product of the chance meeting of Evans and Hemingway, two of America's foremost proponents of modernism in Havana in 1933. The present photographs, printed in Cuba by Evans in 1933, are among the earliest prints of these iconic images, based on comparison with later printings. The collection includes variants of known images as well as rare images by Evans. "Hemingway went to Spain to learn to write; for Evans it was on the streets of Havana that his style and subject meshed and he found his own way as a photographer. Havana was Spain for Evans. As we shall see it was also his Paris."1   The Cuban photographs represent an important phase in the artistic development and maturation of Walker Evans as an artist. The photographs show the influence of the French photographer Eugene Atget, who had helped to shape his vision. Evans was quite familiar with the 1930 publication Atget: Photographie de Paris, which he reviewed for the  journal Hound & Horn in the fall… more >