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  • Hendrick Huyghen signed document
    34 items, 40 pages, various sizes ranging from small sheets to folio, in Dutch, both High and Low, Swedish and English, the documents have various condition issues, damp-stains, old tape stains, soiling, tears and loss, associated with over three hundred years of neglect, but they are generally legible.
    The collection of documents and papers, offered here, pertain to the earliest European settlers on the Delaware River – the colony of New Sweden, and one family of settlers in particular, the Nilsson family- Jonas Nilsson and his children. These settlers Swedes, Finns and Dutch constituted the majority of the population on the South River (as they called the Delaware) before the Quaker “invasion” that began with John Fenwick’s group in 1675 and culminated with William Penn’s 23 ships in 1681-1682. The bulk of the papers in this collection date from two periods when the colony was in transition: first, from Swedish to Dutch control, and, then from Dutch to English control. Paper and documents from New Sweden are exceedingly rare many of the records generated by the colony simply did not survive. Most of the materials which did survive have been housed in institutions for generations, if not centuries. Collections such as this one, essentially the three hundred plus year old Nilsson family papers, simply do not appear in the market.       The collection contains the signatures and marks of many “ancient Swedes.” The collection contains a document bearing what is only the second known signature of one of them: “Laurentius Caroli, Lutheran minister”, Pastor Lars Carlsson Lock. The collection also includes documents signed by Hendrick Coleman,… more >