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  • Susan B. Anthony Letter
    octavo, 1 page, formerly folded, some light offsetting, else very good.
          Evidently written in response to an autograph seeker, Susan B. Anthony here sends her “pentracks”. She gives her address as Rochester, Monroe County, New York.         Susan Brownell Anthony, needs little introduction, she was born in Adams, Massachusetts in 1820. Prevented from speaking at a temperance meeting because of her sex, she and others formed in 1852 the Woman’s State Temperance Society of New York. Convinced that women could work effectively for social betterment only if they had rights and privileges held by men, she spent her life in lecture tours and campaigns through various states in the interest of woman suffrage. She supported the right to vote for African Americans, both men and women, took a radical abolitionist stand prior to the National Woman Suffrage Association. In 1892, after merger of the organization with a rival group, she was elected president of the combined societies and served until 1900. She died in Rochester, New York in 1906. more >