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Coxe, Tench, (1755-1824) as Assistant Treasury Secretary
Manuscript Circular from the Treasury Department March 10, 1791, addressed to Jeremiah Olney, Collector for Providence, Rhode Island, signed by Coxe

quarto, three pages, of a bi-folium, old folds, split along central vertical fold, now comprising two sheets, small hole in last leaf occasioned by careless opening, else in very good clean, legible condition. Signed by Coxe and also free franked in Coxe's hand on address leaf, docketed on verso; "From Tench Coxe, A. Secretary of the Trea. 10th March 1791 Returns transmitted 10 May 1791"

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"An avowed economic nationalist, Coxe actively supported the financial program of Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, particularly Hamilton's efforts to establish a national bank. In May 1790 Hamilton named Coxe to be his assistant secretary of the treasury. Hamilton used Coxe's research in preparing his report on manufactures
(1791) ..." - American National Biography, volume 5, pp., 636-638

It is certain that much of the information obtained by Coxe from this circular was used by Hamilton in his famed Report on Manufactures which was presented to the House of Representatives on December 5, 1791.   

"(Circular) Treasury Department March 10, 1791


In making up some documents which are requisite for the information of the President and the Legislature, a return of the new Vessels launched since the Commencement of the General Government is found necessary. It is therefore the wish of the Secretary of the Treasury that as soon as may be convenient after the receipt hereof you would transmit to this office the most exact return in your power of the Decked Vessels built in your District between the fourth of March 1790 and the same day in 1791 including the smallest sizes, The name, tonnage, form of rigging, whether ship,
brig, &c, the form of the hull, whether double or single decked or deep waisted the owners name whether a citizen or foreigner and of what Nation, if pierced for guns and how many, whether the frame was of Pine or White Oak or live Oak
and Cedar &c will be very useful points of information. The enclosed form will enable you to execute this business with greater facility and may be adhered to as far as may be possible. After the above year is stated in your return you will proceed to make a similar one as to the preceeding year that is from the fourth of March 1789 to the same day in 1790 but unless you can procure the requisite information of both years at the same time it will be well not to delay that first mentioned.

The Secretary also wishes that you may forward from time to time as they may come into your hands any documents that have relation to the commerce, navigation, fisheries, manufactures or productions of your state either in the time of the Province or in that of the Commonwealth. These things frequently offer to Gentlemen in public stations and will be of the greatest importance to this Country, which till the last two years has had few national offices. The Legislature having been pleased to extend the privilege of franking to the Comptroller, the Treasurer, and the
Auditor, sealed packets or letters similar to those which have heretofore been enclosed to the Secretary of the Treasury may be hereafter put into the Mails addressed to them.     

I am Sir,

Very respectfully

Your most obt.

Tench Coxe

Assist. Secy"