Lumsden, T. P.
Autograph Letter Signed, Pittsburgh, June 28, 1828, to Lemuel Pierce, West Farms, New York

quarto, 3 pages, plus stampless address leaf, formerly folded, in very good, clean and legible condition.

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Lumsden writes about his work and discusses the economic conditions of Pittsburg which was then undergoing considerable expansion.


           “Dear Sir,

                 … I think it likely that I shall stay about Pittsburgh this season there is full as good encouragement here as about New York I have been working at Cutting ever since I came to this place and I am now engaged in a job of piece work which will last the most of the summer I think I can clear two dollars per day at it stone cutters wedges are from 1 dollar 80 cents to 2 dollars and plenty of employ for all hands boarding costs $ 1 50 cents per week the Pensilvania Canal that comes in to the Ohio river at Pittsburgh makes a great stir  and increase of business at this place Pittsburg increases rapidly The principal buildings are United States Branch Bank all of cut stone done in the best maner and an Elegant Roman Catholick Chappel from the plan approved of it appears to be the finest building west of the mountains it is in the Catholick stile there is a tunel for the Canal to pass threw near the outlet into the river which is a very extensive piece of work about half a mile of tunel to dig and arch with cut stone the hill under which the tunel is about 160 feet in height 3 or four Cotton factories either begun or about to begin – Glas and Iron works are carried on verrey extensively here from 12 to 20 steam boats runs on the River from Pittsburg to New Orleans and the intermediate ports all the fall winter and spring in the summer the most of the trade is by keel boats on account of the lowness of the river …”