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Connell, Samuel A.
Autograph Letter Signed, Calcutta, Ohio, June 23, 1846, to Mr. A. S. Billingsley, Canonsburgh, Pennsylvania

quarto, three pages, very neatly and legibly written in ink, small hole on last leaf from when the letter was opened, affecting three words of text, else very good.

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Samuel Connell, a student, writes to a friend, and former classmate, with the news from Calcutta, Ohio, he then finishes his letter with a very open, graphic description of the sexual act,  very unusual for the time:


“Respected friend and undeviating correspondent, it is with much pleasure I now embrace the present opportunity of addressing a few lines to your exelency: I feel myself far, far inferior to you in penmanship but true friendship is always imspellent [sic] and therefore I will endeavor to place a few of my thoughts upon this sheet in order to let you know that I am always willing to perform my part so far as I am capable and this is the best angels can do. I have the pleasure of informing you that I am in possession of a goodly measure of health and strength at this time and thank providence for this blessing which I highly appreciate Your kind epistle of the 12 was received and perused with unusual pleasure by your old friend Samuel A. Connell, I am plying myself closely to my studies this summer and have inscribed for my motto in memorable letters imprinted on my breast! Labor omnia vincit! Is not the motto a Good one what say you? Our school is very small there being only 8 schollars, we make every possible effort to keep up our society and have been successful as yet. I had the pleasure of hearing the best lot of performances on Saturday a week ago I ever heard in society since I have had the honor of being a member of the Delta Si hall. Our preceptor is what I call a thundering fellow, he makes performances equally as good as Samuel W. Gibson. He and I make the old room resound with our eloquence occasionally. I intend to raise all the natives of Calcutta one of these days; shoee as the Negro says, as I feel I can’t refrain any longer. Such is the state of things at present –

I feel happy to hear of you getting along so well you state if it were not I might think you egotistical, you would inform me you licked your opponents. Good for you, hurrah for old Calcutta, it makes no difference whether your debate was egotistical or egofistical, so you beat them, here is a child that would like to be along with you first rate. I think I could perform admirably in The Franklin Hall that glorious place for trying men’s souls. I think I must go over this fall and see this place you speak of. But I must tell you about our she-males; as I suppose this will be as interesting a subject for you as I possibly can call to recollection. I will first commence with the Gingerbread of your perfection as she is the oldest and perhaps the best in the pile!!! Harriet is the one I saw her this morning and informed her I was going to write to you and she told me to send you her very best! Very best! Respects. Kas sends her respects, Mary Jane Thompson is in Pittsburgh at this time. Kate is in Pittsburgh also teaching a private family. Lavinia sends love, Mag her heart! And Margaretta Reed her Soul! You state you have not had anything like a Buss or kiss since you left? Your situation is truly a critical one, however it is not more so than my own, for I have not kept company one night since the night of the widow Herberts frolick; but I have had lots of quaker –fips which proves a heart consoling balm to my depressed spirits. I visit our girls almost every day and exchange a few with them as I consider this a very essential part of my duty, our fellows are all in good spirits. Garitson is in a good state and is still attending to Miss Reed. S. G. Hamilton sends best respects to you and a number of others to tedious to mention. John Hamilton is in Pittsburgh and expects to graduate in August with George. Elliott William attends our school.

But I must tell you about the marriages which have taken place since your departure to the city of Canonsburg. Mr. David Brown and Miss Susan Fisher have been annexed. Since your absence the turkey fixins were served up about last Mr. James Little has put himself to the Woman also – she is said to possess a fortune of some 20 thousand dollars her name was Benney before she lost her maiden-head … it is now Little, from all appearance his arse is running to seed as fast as a raddish-stock, and no wonder, for she is as ugly I was going to say as a mud fence stake, and sidered with bullfrogs, but perhaps I am too fast. She is only about sixteen years of old, and now I come to the third and last and I expect the one that will surprise you the most of all! … pious Heavenly and Godly Birkshire Fisher was married on this day to the widow … of Youngs-town, are you not surprised, if you are not I am for he is what I call an infernal thog! And she being such an affectionate woman I feel perfectly astounded ! they have not been cornering more than five or six weeks at the farthest, practice makes perfect, for I know I could not do it that fast, don’t you think there will be a wonderful groaning in the spirit this Night? For I presume they are both horny, and having such a rustic load when the heat begins to expand, and the semen flow, there will be such a thundering overflow of the lava, that if the shot, should happen to miss, the bed will not dry in a shorter space of time than a week. Neither of them I suppose will loose their maiden head But about the morrow their sterns will be as tight as a kittens cunt. Zeek says he has not time to write but sends his respects, Give my respects Mac, write as soon as you get any thing extra, no more but remain yours S. A. Connell”