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Clouet, Emile-Victor
Papers of Emile-Victor Clouet, an Administrator in the French Hospital Corps, including items relating to his service in Mexico, with the Corps Expeditionnaire du Mexico, and later in Algeria, 1861-1881

Group of 46 manuscript and partially printed items (49p.), dated 2 February 1861 to 18 October 1881. The folder that the papers are housed in measures 10" x 13" and has the “cover title” - "1861-81 Lettres de Service et nominations de Mr. Clouet" inscribed in ink on the front. All 46 items are written in ink, in legible hands. The papers are written in French. Of the 46 items, 29 are printed forms that have been completed in manuscript in ink. Some of the items are on the printed letterhead of the "Ministere de la Guerre" or the "Commission De Sous-Officier Eleve D'Administration Du Service Des Hopitaux Militaires" which came under the Ministere de la Guerre. Some of the papers are on the letterhead of the "Corps Expeditionnaire du Mexico" or the "Armee d'Algerie."

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The Clouet papers represent the various commissions, nominations and appointments of Emile-Victor Clouet during his career in the French Hospital Corps from 1861 to 1881. He was a sergeant with the 17th Regiment of Infantry at the outset of this collection and was promoted along the way to 1st Class administrative officer in 1881. He was in 1866 administrator at Vera Cruz, Mexico. After the French withdrawal from Mexico, and the execution of Emperor Maximilian, he was reassigned to Algeria. Clouet appears to have been at one time assigned to "L'hopital militaire du Gros Caillou" in Paris, France, a hospital founded in the mid -18th Century and demolished around 1899. In the Official Directory of the French Army for 1878 it lists under the section "Adjudants D'Administration En Premier" a Emile-Victor Clouet at the "hopit. du Gros-Caillou, Paris" with the date of 15 October 1869, presumably the date of his appointment. An earlier directory of 1869 states he was with the "division d'Alger." He also appears to have been appointed at one time to the "l'hopital du Vincennes."