Autograph Letter Signed “Father” New York, Wednesday May 11, 1898, to his son Will

octavo, 4 pages, formerly folded, short separations along folds of second leaf, else in very good, clean and legible condition.

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        Written on the letterhead of the “Gentlemen’s Room The Fifth Avenue Bank of New York”.

        The letter reads:

        “Dear Will,

               Every one is disappointed over the news to day that the Spanish fleet has returned to Cadiz. None more so than Admiral Sampson & the officers & men of his fleet. It is too bad because I am sure that Sampson would have destroyed the Spanish vessels as Am. Dewey did. If Dewey had been defeated in Manila Bay I think the Continental powers would have been ready to intervene by force of arms if necessary in Spain’s behalf. I I believe that all Europe would rejoice over our defeat by Spain. But that is not possible. It is nothing but self interest that has made Europe proclaim her neutrality in this war. We shall surely make Cuba free & the Philippine Islands also. The God of battles has ever been the ally of a righteous cause.

               There is a lesson we should learn. How shallow is the friendship of such foreign powers. We should also remember Washington’s warning to avoid entangling alliances. It is as true today as when he gave it. Owing to the retreat of the Spanish fleet it is probable that the Washington govt. may have to make some change in their present plans.

               There is a rumor that the Seventh Regiment is to be called out for active service very soon. I have seen Major Abrams. He says that the trouble has been with the authorities at Albany. They have been trying their utmost to ruin the regiment. All brought about through the influence of those who are jealous of the “Seventh”. These miserable political soldiers have done their utmost to keep the Regiment at home. It will be a good triumph for the “Seventh” if they can beat these frauds.

               Dick Jesup is home. Perhaps mother has told you. I am accumulating all the important items in regard to our war with Spain. It may be interesting to refer to in years to come. I wish somebody in our family had done this during the war of the Rebellion …”