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Treadwell, J. H.
Autograph Letter Signed, Merchants Bank Salem, Massachusetts,  March 4, 1819 to Joseph Story, Supreme Court Justice, Washington

quarto, 1 ¼ pages of a four page bi-folium, formerly folded, in very good, clean condition.

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A letter to Justice Joseph Story (1779-1845) from J. H. Treadwell, of the Merchants Bank of Salem, of which Joseph Story was the president from 1815-1835, this bank was a branch of the Bank of the United States after 1816, and accordingly, (as we see in this letter), he "repeatedly attempted to use his influence with Treasury Department officials to secure large bank deposits in the branch bank of which he was President" (White, American Judicial Tradition, p. 41). From 1818 to 1830 he was also vice president of the Salem Savings Bank. Despite this connection to a bank affiliated with the Bank of the United States, he participated in M'Culloch v. Maryland, in which Marshall upheld the constitutionality of the Second Bank of the United States.

"Dear Sir,

I enclose you, by order of our board of directors, the correspondence which has taken place between the Branch Bank and ourselves relative to the lost checks. You will see by Mr. Frothingham's letter of the 22d Feby that they refuse to pay us unless we give them a bond of indemnity which they probably want to guard against the claims of others if the checks are in existence. Our directors think we ought not to give such a bond as these checks were drawn upon the funds of the U States by one of the Officers of the Bank for the quarter's interest on the public debt, our directors have thought that if you should mention the circumstances to Mr. Crawford he may cause us to be paid without our giving the bond in question - They wish however that you should be governed by your own judgement in this particular.

Your family are very well I hear. You will allow me to congratulate you on the addition which has lately been made to it as well as the pecuniary one which, we learn has been made to your finances. ..."

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