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Smith, Jedediah Kilburn (1770-1828)
Autograph Letter Signed, Washington, D. C., April 20, 1808, to the Select-Men of New London, Hillsboro, County, New Hampshire

quarto, one page of a four page bi-folium, formerly folded, remains of sealing wax, free franked by Smith on integral address leaf, in very good, clean condition.

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Smith, jurist and congressman from New Hampshire, writes transmitting documents for dissemination in the town of New London concerning the relations between the United States and Great Britain and France:


In discharge of a duty I deem incumbent on me, I herewith transmit to my fellow citizens, by you, certain official documents containing as it were, a history of all our difficulties with the respective Governments of Great Britain and France.

You, Gentlemen, can best determine in what manner to promulgate the information they contain. The reading and understanding of these documents will in my humble opinion completely disprove the unfounded charges which have been circulated in pamphlets and news paper paragraphs - grossly misrepresenting the conduct & views of the Executive and the majority in Congress. The perilous situation of our common country at a crisis so important as the present, ought to command the undivided support of all its Citizens - and I am satisfied that every rational mind after having a correct view of the real situation of this country with reference to the conduct of the Belligerents of Europe, must be convinced of the propriety & highly approve of the measures which have been adopted by the General Government of this Nation..."

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