C., G.W.
Humorous Autograph Manuscript Signed, New York, October 6th, 1862, on letterhead of the Custom House, New York, Warehouse Bureau

quarto, two pages, formerly folded, neatly inscribed in red ink.

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A manuscript by one G.W. C., in which he discusses, in humor peculiar to the custom house, the Civil War:


          To the Weighers Uncommon Council



            It has become necessary in the course of in human events to fire leaden bullets at divers and sundry wicked men known as rebels to their country and their flag, and whereas one Aug Belmont patriotically imports pigs to be driven in small quantities through the southern herd of swine, it becomes us to see that said pigs are weighed in the balance, and not found wanting.  Beware O! Weigher! That your ways are weighs of truth – And may they lead you to the lead which arrived in the “Ocean Spray” about Aug 18th 1862, and by the “Addison Child” Aug 30/62 – Little Mac sighs for the leaden pills, and all the rebels take them …”