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"Aunt Alice"
Manuscript Letter from "Aunt Alice" to her young nieces Edina and Sarah Fletcher in Marietta, Georgia, describing in part a grand jubilee in Boston, 1851

quarto, 4 pages, folded, accompanied by original mailing envelope, in very good, clean condition.

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"... Boston is a very large city, larger even than Savannah. Last week a grand jubilee was held in this place. The President of the United States was there. Perhaps you may remember learning about Canada in your Geography. Lord Elgin the governor of that country was there. Canada belongs to England and the Queen sent him over, to rule over and take care of the Canadians. Last Friday there was a long procession marched through the streets of Boston. There were several military companies, a great many distinguished men who rode in carriages, and then a great many vehicles of all kinds, and containing various things. Two large locomotives or railroad engines were drawn through the streets by some twelve or sixteen horses. There was a large omnibus, containing desks, and little girls all dressed in white, were sitting at them, with a book before each. One of the wagons represented a bakery, and the men were busy rolling out crackers; in another were printing presses, and papers were being printed and thrown out among the crowds of people who were standing in the streets. The funniest thing of all was a very large cart, representing a market, the inside was fitted up like a market house and on the outside hung a pig, already for cutting up, a boy sat on the driver's seat holding a live rooster ..."