Gray, Elijah, and James Gray
Oyer & Terminer The People vs James Gray & Elijah Gray Rumsey, Marvin, Redfield Counsels for People Brown, Chandler, Allen, Spencer & Hosmer for prisoners Jurors Obtained …

folio, 29 pages, text written in both ink and pencil, in two different, but legible hands, paper somewhat tanned, else very good. Docketed on fragment of blank, final page: “Copy of Testimony in case of Gray Taken by the Reporters E. C. Dibble & H. U. James Reporters to his Majesty Andrew the 1st”

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This item is a copy of the testimony, taken by two court reporters, given in the trial of James Gray and his son Elijah, who were convicted of the murder of Samuel Davis at LeRoy, New York, January 2, 1830. They had been drinking, and Davis was stabbed when he tried to run them out of his barroom. The father’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.


      McDade, in his The Annals of Murder, 380, records a printed account of the trial, entitled: Trial, &c, The people vs. Elijah Gray, & James Gray. Indictment for murder. [N.p., n.d.], McDade lists a single location, (NHi).