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Savage, Eli
Autograph Letter Signed, New Hartford, New York, December 21, 1830, to Hon. Charles E. Dudley, Washington

Quarto, two pages, old folds, postal markings on stamp-less address leaf, “free franked”, in very good, clean and legible condition.

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Savage, recently returned from Green Bay, writes to Dudley seeking the post of Indian Agent there and comments upon the Oneida, York and Buffalo Indians, and the removal of the latter.


        “My Dear Sir,

               … I hasten to answer your enquiry as to Mr. Colton he is a gentleman that I saw but once at Green Bay and that was two days before I left there. When in New York about a month before I saw you he (Colton) made himself known to me and told me the great attachment he had for the Indians and that he intended to go to Washington this winter and vindicate their cause, and publish a series of numbers on the ill treatment of the Indians, I encouraged him in the measure, for I supposed that discouragement was equal to encouragement believing that he was one of those who was sent out to spy out the difficulty between the Government and the Indians, for the purpose of raising the Indian Question in this State for political purposes this is all that I know of Mr. Colton..

               Since I saw you I have understood that the Oneida Indians were not satisfied with the Report of the Commissioners and that some of them will be at Washington this winter, the information that I conveyed to you was from Gen Root and not from the Indians  since then I have learned they are anxious for more land, as I told you it is all the White Man and not the Red Man.

              According to your wishes if I go to New York this winter I shall call upon Mr. J. D. Ogden. I may be at Washington in the course of the Session after the office of Indian Agent at Green Bay if Col. Stambaugh appointment is not confirmed as it is said that it will not be owing to his neglect of duty while at the Bay how true this may be I do not know. It is an office that I should like very well if consistent with the Power to give it to me and it would be of great importance to this state upon the account of the Removal of the York Indians for they feel a great interest in having an agent from this state. I am sure that it would assist much in the Removal of the Buffalo Indians. It is an office that I have thought of much and it was suggested to me when at the Bay I should wish to hear from you …”