[Komorowski, Naomi?]
Manuscript Diary, Chicago, Illinois, January 1, 1942 - March 23, 1942

12mo, 22 pp., plus blanks, blacke leatherette spiral bound diary.

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The diarist had recently moved from New York City to Chicago and was recently married to "Conrad," and was a devoted and active member of the Chicago branch of the Communist Party as was her husband, who it seems was more interested in party activities than meeting his husbandly obligations as indicated by her entry on January 15, 1942: I feel very disappointed and very hurt at C's attitude toward sex. It is months now that he has done nothing except once. He claims always to be tired. I really think he needs to see a doctor." She compensated for this lack of attention from "C" by devoting herself to party work her entries relate her attendance at meetings, rallies, organizational activities, Russian War relief, volunteer work, and for a brief period paid employment on the "Committee to free Earl Browder." Laid in is a receipt dated March 26, 1942 for $ 28.61 for a train ticket. The receipt is signed by Tom McKenna and is in the name of Naomi Komorowski, who we presume was the diarist.