Pond, Charles Hobby (1781-1861)
Autograph Letter Signed, Milford, Connecticut, to Samuel Arnold, Member of Congress, East Haddam, Connecticut, November 30th, 1857

quarto, three pages, postal markings on integral address leaf, Free franked”, formerly folded, else in very good, legible condition.

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Charles Hobby Pond, lawyer, politician, served as lieutenant governor of Connecticut, twice, and as Connecticut’s 37th governor, here writes to a member of Congress promoting George Coggeshall’s History of American Privateers, published in 1856, as a textbook for naval cadets, and promotes the idea of a volunteer navy of privateers. Coggeshall was a friend and neighbor of Pond’s.


        “Dear Sir,


              With this I send you Coggeshall’s “History of American Privateers”, which is presented by the author. Capt. C is a native of Milford, he has been a fortunate Captain & Merchant, he was long my neighbor & friend, & for some years has lived in Brooklyn, NY. This winter he may visit Washington, with his friend Capt Hudson of the Navy, & they, with others, will try, by the aid of Secty Toucey, to have the book put into the hands of the officers & crews of the navy, & introduced into their naval schools.

            I have given Capt C a letter to Secty Toucey, & should I give him a letter to you, you will find him a very “clever fellow”. … a True American. From Secty Cass, Senator Fish, Capt Jones, & other eminent men he has letters which commend his book. Hon. Timothy Davis from Mass had a Bill, for the benefit of Privateersmen, which passed the last House of Representatives, & would have been brought before the Senate by Mr. Foster, had there been time. This bill will come up again, & probably be favored by all our Delegation. Surely Democratic Republicans will not be less patriotic than (Black) Republicans. In this book, you will find facts, incidents, & suggestions, which will make you familiar with this subject.

               Our Country will not soon have a large Navy, but we shall always wish to assert our rights on the ocean promptly, & a volunteer navy of Privateers can always soon be ready to annoy our enemy & drive their commerce from the seas. Thus the Privateers will help secure a speedy & honourable peace. It is also well to keep before the eyes of all “Young America” the exploits of our Privateersmen in the War of 1812, & in other wars.

              Without troubling you to read more, I merely add, that, I hope you will send me what “Pub Docs” you think I deserve. I also hope that you will occasionally write me on matters & things . I have had so many missives from Congressmen, that I should feel it, if forgotten now. You must supply what I lose by the absence of Senator Toucey… Chas H. Pond …”