Stifler, N.
Autograph Letter Signed, Philadelphia, July 9, 1876, to his brother Sam

octavo, 4 pages, folded, lacking mailing envelope, neatly written in pencil, in very good, clean and legible condition.

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Stifler relates his impressions of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition:

     "... I am yet alive, but not very well, as the weather here, is too hot for a northern man. The thermometer stands at 100 in the shade ... and today is considered a cool day. ... I arrived here on Sunday night the 2nd at 12: 45. I have been visiting the Centennial every day since. I have not seen the 100 part of it. I don't know whether I can see all or not. This is a big elephant and it will take some time to go all around. It is hardly necessary for me to make any attempt to describe what I have seen as it is almost impossible for me to do so just at this present time although you can rest assured that it is a grand thing and those that are fond of seeing curiosities and wonders of the world here is the place. You bet it takes stamps and a pealed eye and a lot of sand to get through safe. Those that don't believe it let them come and see and satisfy themselves. There is plenty of stealing, robing [sic] and everything else that is mean is practiced here. My friend that came with me had $ 40 taken out of his pocket last Monday evening and so he was compelled to borrow some money and go home without seeing anything of consequence. 

             Well, Sam, I presume you would like to know what I have seen &c some of the sights are enough to make any person heart sick among some of the curiosities is an Egyptian mummy, said to be over 3,000 years old, it is fearful. I also seen that large California tree it makes a comfortable sized house the bark on it is over 2 feet thick. I also obtained a specimen of the bark and wood, in connection with several other things &c. Well Sam, I was traveling some over the city this morning. Among some of the places visited was the old Penitentiary and the old Independence Hall and the museum ..."