Willcox, Hamilton
Cases of The Legislature’s Power Over Suffrage.

[New York] Second edition Revised – March 5, 1885. (By the Author and Originator of the Woman Suffrage Bills, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883 and 1884). Broadside, measuring 19 ¾ x 13 inches, old folds, some separation at fold joints, else in very good, clean condition. Accompanied by an autograph note signed by the author, New York, April 4, 1885, presenting this broadside, and the original mailing envelope in which the letter and the present broadside were enclosed.

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The text of the broadside contains a detailed historical examination of the extension of Suffrage in New York State for all classes of people, including women, since the earliest days of settlement in the 17th century.


      The author writes in an introductory paragraph:


      “The Legislature’s power over the qualifications for suffrage has of late been so often and flatly denied – though it has been exercised in HUNDREDS OF CASES – that the following digest of the facts and the law of the matter, for the information of the Legislators and the public, has been made from an inspection of the whole statute law of New York, covering Two and a Half Centuries. Hamilton Willcox, Attorney & Counsellor at Law, Chairman State Executive Com. Woman Suffrage Party, 55 Liberty St., N.Y.”


      Hamilton Willcox was an active and vociferous proponent and participant in the cause of Women’s Suffrage. He was the author of numerous pamphlet’s and circulars arguing the extension of the vote to women. He was also instrumental in sending bills to the New York State Legislature seeking the passage of Woman Suffrage in New York for many years.


OCLC locates but one copy of this broadside (NYHS).