Carter, W. B.
Autograph Letter Signed, [postmarked] Vicksburg, Mississippi, March 17, 1855, to her nieces, Annie and Kate Burness, Woodville, Wilkinson County, Mississippi

quarto, 3 pages, plus stamp-less address leaf, in very good, clean and legible condition.

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      Carter writes, in part, discussing family news, bereavements, et cetera, she then discusses a benevolent association run by the female members of her church:


      “… We have a benevolent association here composed of nearly all the ladies of our church. I feel great interest in it, we meet twice a month, the ladies are distributed so many to each ward of the city to visit and seek out objects in need, to give tracts, instruction, supply the sick, give work or what may be needed to strangers and sufferers of any class – we also had a donation meeting on the 1st of Jan for our good pastor amongst many valuable and useful things sent in was a most beautiful and complete tea set, a stuffed writing chair, a silver basket, very handsome, the national portrait gal at 10 $ pr volume with other valuable books and presents innumerable which made the heart and eyes of our excellent minister and his true helpmeet overflow with gratified feeling …”