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Bears, A.
Autograph Letter Signed, Seymour House, Ogdensburgh, New York, June 29th [1866?] to Geo. K. Williston, Suffield, Connecticut, accompanied by printed menu for Thanksgiving Dinner at the Seymour House, December 7, 1865

octavo, 3 pages, written on the embossed letter head of the Seymour House, F. J. Tallman, proprietor, accompanied by original advertising mailing envelope for the Seymour House, and a printed menu for Thanksgiving Dinner served at the Seymour House, on Thursday December 7, 1865 (see image above).

Letter written by a young man, apparently working at the Seymour House, to his friend back in Connecticut, he discusses cigars, and sporting around Montreal with Frank Tallman, either his boss, or the bosses son. He notes that his boss purchased a farm a mile from the Seymour house.

But, what makes this letter special is the inclusion of a printed menu for the Thanksgiving Dinner, served at the Seymour House on Thursday, December 7, 1865. In 1865 Thanksgiving was celebrated on December 7 in most states. This is a very early printed menu for a publicly served Thanksgiving Dinner. The menu lists a variety of courses, including oyster soup, broiled white fish (added in manuscript), various roast meats including the traditional turkey, with cranberry sauce, boiled meats including tongue, as well as chicken salad, tenderloin of beef with red wine, and oyster pie, as well as vegetables and four pastries or puddings.