Brown, Charles W.,
Collection of Manuscript Correspondence, Documents, Essays pertaining to C. W. Brown, Shortsville, Ontario County, New York, Documenting his Efforts to Further the Temperance Cause through the Independent Order of Good Templars, 1871 -1876

50 letters, approximately 101 pages, plus four manuscript essays by Brown, on temperance topics sixty two pages, and six printed ephemera. Items in generally good, clean legible condition, some occasional soiling and fading.

Collection of incoming correspondence written to Charles W. Brown, and four manuscript essays written by Brown, plus ephemeral items dealing with the cause of Temperance and its furtherance by the Independent Order of Good Templars in Ontario County, New York.

The Independent Order of Good Templars, (now known as the International Organisation of Good Templars) originated as one of a number of fraternal organizations for temperance or total abstinence founded in the nineteenth century. It had a structure modeled on Freemasonry, using similar ritual and regalia. However, unlike similar organizations it admitted men and women equally, and membership was not subject to distinction by race.

Brown held the position of "Deputy Grand Worthy Chief Templar, for lodge 419 of the IOGT located in Shortsville, Ontario County, New York. The correspondence centers upon Templar activities, details the groups various efforts to organize, increase membership, lectures, attempts to limit liquor licenses in various locales in Ontario and other counties of Western and Central New York.