Brumagin, T. W.
Autograph Letter Signed, Biblical Institute [Boston] May 31, 1852 to her sister

quarto, 4 pages, written in ink in a readable hand, mailing envelope not present, else in very good clean condition.

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Very fine and interesting letter, in part dealing with her criticism of women’s dress requirements which she blames for the deaths of so many women from consumption, followed by a description of Boston and vicinity.


     “Dear Sister,


          … Why is it you think that so many women die with the consumption? And die so young? Is because it was a special act of Providence no: not by any means, it is because they are shut up in the house inhaling impure air and what is worse they shut the lungs up between sticks or a substitute whalebones and then have their dresses so tight that they must have some one hook their dress for them and they will squeeze ; finally its hooked their lungs are son contracted that they can get in little bit of air enough for a mouse and then they will feel faint & wonder what is the matter is. It is nothing less than suicide and when they die their friends will lay it to God. Now do not for your life habituate yourself to such a habit.


Boston is great city but is a homely one; the streets are generally narrow and irregular is crowded but some beautiful things about it. The common or park is beautiful Is very large & the Capitol is on elevated ground a hill so that from the cupola you can see in fair day the great city to good advantage; (then the houses are not in the way) Went Charleston saw the monument ascended to its top & a good sight, saw the Navy yard and ship building (Brother Hues our Preacher went with me and he was raised in Boston so I had a good pilate) one of his Friends was on a man of war laying at sea a little way off we were taken in a boat free and he showed us all the whole ship it was the Ohio one of the largest on sea it was one of the line that bombarded Veracruse in Mexico Saw Medical college where Dr. Parkman was killed saw Prof Websters house at Cambridge went on a little farther to Mount Auburn Cemetery I will not undertake to describe it was the prettiest place I ever was at, some of the most costly Italian marble monuments it is visited by thousands. I had the honor of being introduced to the great Mathematician of whom you have heard who made an Almanac when he was 10 years old & is now 18 & who performed what no other has performed 36 figures multiplied by 36 figures in two minutes in his head. He is at Cambridge college. Then I was in the general conference when I was no where else saw all the great men of God…”