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Damon, Samuel Chenery (1815-1885)
Autograph Letter Signed, Honolulu, Oahu, S. I. August 7, 1843 to Messrs. Foster & Hunt

quarto, 3 pages, inscribed on a four page bi-folium, formerly folded, remains of sealing wax on integral address leaf, else in very good, clean legible condition.

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An important letter written soon after Damon's arrival in Hawaii in which he discusses Lord Paulet's cession of Hawaii in February of 1843 and the cessions recission, by Admiral Richard Thomas on July 26, 1843, missionary activities and two newspapers, "The Advocate & Friend," and the "Nonanona." Damon also announces the birth of his son Samuel Mills Damon.

Damon writes:

"Dear Friends, The Whaleship Sabina will sail to day direct for New York. A young man on board Chas. Paine, South Hampton L. I. informs me that he has a brother in your store. ... Since our arrival we have lived through two revolutions. I must refer you to the public prints for the particulars in regard to the extraordinary movements of Lord Paulet and the Restoration of the Flag under Rear Admiral Thomas. Living as we do in Honolulu & being on pretty good terms with some of the government officers, we generally learn what is going forward behind the curtain, before it is noised abroad to the world. I can assure the political excitement has been very great in our little community. I forward you part of a file of the Polynesian a paper that was published here, some months since, but has been stopped you may be able to learn something of the commercial importance of the place from its columns. Since commencing my labors here I have also started a small monthly sheet I forward a file of the "Advocate & Friend." It succeeds beyond my most sanguine expectations. The "Nonanona" is a small semi-monthly paper, in the native language & edited by Rev. Mr. Armstrong one of the Missionaries. You may perhaps desire to learn my opinion about missionary affairs now that I am permitted to see for myself. I will simply remark my confidence in the cause increases every day. God, through their instrumentality has performed a great work among this people, and if my lot should ever again be cast among the people in the U. S. I should labor with ten-fold energy to advance the missionary work. It is the great work of the Age, aye - the great work of God - and at home and abroad  God cheerfully opens a field for laborers to work for Him & be assured at the great day all who have labored for him will be richly rewarded... We are now rejoicing over a little son born on the 9th of last month so that he is now just four weeks old. We call him Samuel Mills Damon..."

Born February 15, 1815 in Holden, Mass., Samuel Damon graduated from Amherst College in 1836 and in 1837 was the principal of Academy, Salisbury, Conn. He began his theological training at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1838 and finished his theological training at Andover Theological Seminary in 1841. He was ordained September 15, 1841 and married Julia Sherman Mills October 6, 1841 in Natick, Mass. In 1867 he received an honorary doctorate of divinity from Amherst College.

Samuel Damon was sent by the American Seamen's Friend Society to be chaplain in Honolulu. The Damons sailed from New York March 10, 1842 aboard the Victoria, Captain Spring and arrived in Honolulu October 19, 1842. He was the pastor of the Bethel Union Church, Seamen's Chapel for 42 years and was the publisher of the periodical The Friend from 1843 - 1884.

In 1849 Samuel Damon visited Oregon and California; in 1851, the United States; in 1861, Micronesia, as a delegate of the Hawaiian Board; 1869 - 1870 the United States, Europe, Palestine and Egypt; in 1876 the United States; in 1880 England and the Continent; and in 1884 China and Japan. While in the Hawaiian Islands "he served Sailors' Home, Stranger's Friend Society, Oahu College (Punahou School) Board, the Queen's Hospital and Hawaiian Board of Missions". Rev. Samuel Chenery Damon died February 7, 1885 in Honolulu.