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Palmer, Samuel F.
Autograph Letter Signed, Indianola, Iowa, May 2, 1863 to his cousin

Quarto, 2 pages, formerly folded, in very good, clean, and legible condition.

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Interesting letter, datelined Indianola, Iowa in which Mr. Palmer addresses his cousin in forceful language on recent events and the course of the war, and, adds a poem on the end of slavery:

“Dear Cousin,

… Received my weekly paper (Chicago Tribune) this morning. The sum total of the news is “All quiet everywhere Grand Move Expected” “Rebellion about played out. Southern army deserting by hundreds and Southern people in a starving condition” &c &c I cant but think how changed we are. But a few years ago we boasted of our lack of a standing army of our peaceful dispositions &c but now we are a nation of warriors. War has become a monopoly. Never was a nation so cursed by that dire necessity as is our boasted land. Here and everywhere throughout our wide domain from Maine to Georgia from the Atlantic to the Pacific war has taken full sway of the minds of the American nation. But let it come till every man in the north has offered up his life upon the altar of his country, ere the South conquer or ever be let come back into the Union with Slavery which was born and bred in hell and has been carried into practice upon our verdant earth. Slavery (to use the common expression) is about played out

“Like the thousand sweet harps struck by angels all singing Comes the God voice of hope down from heaven through the sky

So the millions of slaves glad tidings now bringing

That the day of deliverance from slavery draws nigh

The tyrants in the south begin now to tremble

As the children of darkness cry out for more light

For the slaves their rich masters in manhood resemble

The more their foul wrongs feel the truth of the right

The agonized spirits down in darkness now clamor

Even the fiends down in hell wail loud now to flee

For they hear the loud clink of the Free mans Shorthammer

Building joy for the Beautiful the Fanes of the Free”

Mother, Willie and I enjoy very good health and I hope again I hear from you will all be enjoying that great ingredient of human happiness good health …”