Fox, Robert
Autograph Letter Signed April 2, no year, to Green Wait, Broadalbin, Fulton County, Fondays Bush, New York

Quarto, two pages, formerly folded, with a faint New Orleans post mark, some breaks at fold joints of integral address leaf, else in good, clean and legible condition.

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Letter from a semi-literate common soldier to a friend back home describing events witnessed while on military service in Mexico:

“April 2th

I now take my pen to rite a few lines to you to you to see if you will rite to me if you don’t rite more than three lines so I can hear from them parts once more I have rote more leters than I will again for I rote to most every one in fandays bush I am well now and am on the Mexican shore we have sport a nuff wee go out ever day and shoot game wee have bee in one battle the day we landed the cavalry come on to us and wee jest let the grape shot from our batry and sent some rockets in among to them and I reckon they run a few wee had three days hard fiting then with our morters bombarding the city of varacruse and caste three men of the men was killed the first fire from the Mexican that they fired at our batry when wee began there was only three company stationd at our battery it was the mountain and houtizars and the seidge train and Dinkins and ringolds battry then we was all that was in any danger there aint any more fiting here to this city there is no use of riting any more about that for you will hear before this will get to you by the papers the talk is that the ordnance men will be sent home now but wee don’t know whether it true or not if it is I am comeing home this fall ther is no use of us a going to the city of mexico there is men anuff without them for there is twenty 4 thousand here now and more acoming the reason of them thinking of discharging us because wee have more pay than any other company there is no  use of riting for the papers will let you hear sooner than this and wee cant get any paper or pen fit to rite it is darnd hot here that I wouldent care any  thing about a woman here for it is so hot tha wee coud not sleep to gather nothing more for I got to away now my love to all …”