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Cousinery & fils
Autograph Letter Signed, Smyrna [Turkey] November 28, 1868 to Messrs Lanman & Kemp, New York

quarto, 3 pages, of a bi-folium, postal markings on integral address leaf, else in very good, clean and legible condition.

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Letter concerning the state of the opium markets, relative scarcity of it, prices, the difficulty of obtaining additional supplies, etc.:

"Dear Sirs,

We beg to confirm our last of the 13th inst, explaining our purchases @ yd 240 & containing detailed advices on the position of our opium market. Since then, prices have been pushed up, by small consecutive purchases of 5 or 6 c/s each, to yd 275 & according to all appearances, will not lower before the end of the season, if even they do not rise higher.

We have had, since our last, small supplies from the interior, which, taking sales effected into consideration give us a market stock of 105 Baskets; we are assured there are not even 200 still remaining in the interior. Please note however that about 20 c/s of those lately sold were resales; that is to say lots bought @ 210 @ 220 which were resold @ yd 250 @ 270. We believe we are correct in repeating what we have already at several times stated, viz; that our whole crop will not amount to more than 1850 or 1900 Baskets.

We congratulate you on having secured 30 c/s @ yd 240, & sincerely regret not to have been able to obtain more for you at the same price. We have been informed that two lots, amounting together to 42 or 45 c/s have been sold at New York at about $ 5.75; we hope you were the buyers of same, as we have since been advised of the price of $ 8 in the States.

We trust your purchases in London & America, together with our own here for you're a/c, will suffice for your wants until the coming in of the new crop; should you however think the contrary, it would be advisable your authorizing us to buy what we can in case an opportunity ever presents itself, notwithstanding our reduced stock of operating later on at prices comparatively more reasonable. We also take care to keep your Mr. G. Kemp advised, by wire, of any changes in our market.

We will forward your 30 c/s in two shipments per first steamers to L'pool, & will draw for our Invoice amounts on Messrs. Marcuard, Andre & Cie of Paris. We have not packed up your opium in small cases this time, not having received any instructions to that effect ..."