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Schroeder, Theodore (?)
Typed or Printed Circular Letter, signed, with rubber-stamp, on the letter head of the National Progressive Party Headquarters New York County Committee, New York, November 1912, illustrated with cut of a “Bullmoose”.

Quarto, 1 page, formerly folded, in very good clean and legible condition.

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“The NATIONAL PROGRESSIVE PARTY has pressed me into its services to assist in the organization of its ‘Watchers’ Bureau’ … to insure that the vote on Election Day shall be honestly cast and honestly counted. Relying upon the sincerity and co-operation of the members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ABOLITION OF POLITICAL CORRUPTION I trust that you will volunteer as a watcher … thereby aiding our great cause …”


Issued during Theodore Roosevelt’s third-party bid for the Presidency. The signator may have been Theodore Schroeder (stamp unclear), the New York lawyer who founded the Free Speech League and, years before formation of the ACLU, was the leading American crusader for First Amendment civil liberties. He was not notably associated with the Progressive Party – often representing more radical political and social causes – but probably would have been in general sympathy with some of its principles. Oddly, there is no apparent historical or journalistic record of any “National Association For The Abolition Of Political Corruption”.