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Lockport Daily Bulletin!

Lockport, New York: January 8, 1838- February 3, 1838, issues No. 6 – No. 29, octavo, 23 issues, 27 pages, printed in double columns, issues crudely whip-stitched together, some defects, edges chipped and nicked, else a good run of the daily issues of the first month of this rare Lockport newspaper. The Lockport Daily Bulletin was the community’s first daily and was published to keep the town informed about the progress of the Patriot War in Canada. Ink ownership signatures of M. L. Vantin.

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Lockport located in Niagra County, New York, was close to Canada and this paper contains frontline news, often noted as being “By this Evening’s Cars,” of the Patriot War which had just begun across the Niagra River in Canada. The contents of the paper exclusively concern breaking news about the war, from Buffalo, Niagra Falls and the Niagra River, Canada and, from further west in Michigan.

          The “Patriot War” of 1837 and 1838, had repercussions as late as 1841. The Patriot movement inducted between 40,000 and 160,000 men, mostly farmers and unemployed artisans, across the north-eastern states in support of the 1837 Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada. The organization arose in Vermont among Lower Canadian refugees (the eastern division of Frères chasseurs, or Hunters) and spread westward under the influence of Dr. Charles Duncombe and Donald McLeod, leaders of the short lived Canadian Refugee Relief Association, and Scottish native William Lyon Mackenzie. Without the benefit of united and effective leadership and with inadequate and undisciplined ranks, they made three different extensive plans in 1838 for widespread coordinated attacks along the Canadian border, with a view to eventual joining of forces and establishment of a republic in Canada. With the failure of these plans, the movement came completely under the domination of the “Hunters”. International complications were averted as a consequence of the co-operation and vigorous action of the British and American authorities. Congress passed a stronger neutrality act, and Federal troops were sent to the frontier. In the border states the militia was called out, and civil and criminal suits were instituted. On their side, the Canadian and British authorities used military and civil measures to prevent retaliatory attacks.       

           The Lockport Bulletin began publication in January 1838, it was printed at the “Balance Office”, the cost of a subscription was 50 cents per month. OCLC 17455242. The Rochester Historical Society holds three issues, 1838:1: 15,19,21