Weeks, Joseph
Autograph letter Signed as Member of Congress from New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., January 1, 1837 to John L. Putnam

quarto, three pages, plus stamp-less address leaf, no postal markings, likely hand carried, in very good, clean and legible condition.

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“Dear Sir,

            The Presidential Contest is now over … Mr. Van Buren is elected Chief Magistrate of the United States … a fortunate occurrence not only in the main result but in the circumstances accompanying it, he is elected not as a Sectional Candidate, he has recd. the votes in all the great divisions of the union – the east, west, north and south have each contributed to his election – and a majority of all the votes in the United States cast at the late election were for him. He therefore comes into office fairly as the President of the whole States – and not of any particular section of the country … those who know him concur in declaring him a firm consistent republican – not of a few years standing only but during a long course of public service – and if other proof were wanting – it could be found in the decided hostility manifested towards him by every branch of the opposition to the present administration – they know he will in good faith carry out the measures of President Jackson’s administration and they wish not to see that measure perfected – and therefore they have and will continue to oppose him … the opposition will rally on Gov Harrison as their only Candidate – his late vote was so great as to make him the most available candidate – in the opinion of a large majority of the opposition… I think no intention exists of dividing the friends of the present administration by bringing out again a multiplicity of candidates – the next battle I imagine will be a general one and fought upon the old party principles of federalism and republicanism – it may yet turnout that Harrison may yield to Clay, at present see no prospect of it …”


Joseph Weeks, congressman, born Warwick, Massachusetts, February 13, 1773, attended common schools, moved to Richmond, New Hampshire, engaged in agriculture, town clerk of Richmond 1802-22, member New Hampshire House of Representatives 1807-09, 12-13, 21-26, 30, 32-34, also Judge Court of Common Pleas, 1823, 27, member United States House of Representatives (Democrat) from New Hampshire 24th-25th congresses, 1835-39. Died Lancaster New Hampshire August 4, 1845.