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Ayres, Mrs. James B.
Manuscript Diary Kept While a Missionary in Japan 1912

Octavo, 131 pages of entries, plus blanks, bound in original, gilt and embossed pictorial cloth, entries written in pencil, in a clean, neat and legible hand.

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Sat., Jan. 6.

             J – went to Tokinyama this p.m. & I went to Station with him & called on the G-s: also went to Nurses’ meeting in even:only 8 present. Early to bed but did not get to sleep for a long time – cold still & hoarse in my voice & nose. More than 5 wks now.”


            “Sat. Jan 13. Quite cold & a little snowy, had nurses meet. at Hospital with 14 there. Our cold season is really here Trouble over buy land now at S- as all want much higher price & our money won’t hold out.”  


            “Fri. Jan. 19. Mrs. Stewart & Lillian came to visit this p.m. J – went again to S – to meet Mr. Peeke on behalf of Dutch Ref. Mission Union School business – nothing accomplished – came home late at night.”


            “Thurs., Jan. 25. Usual Girl’s Bible Class today - & at same time 4 were ex. for baptism in the study. 8 Nurses from Hosp. & 1 from our class – There are others who are not sure yet.”


           “Fri., Feb. 2. We (Hirota & I) have begun neighborhood meetings for women in diff. parts of town – 7 in all met at Shirai oba sans – Mrs. Onoka, Kurashigi, Iwata, Unida & we had a good meeting. The white folks came & spent evening here.”


           “Tues. Feb. 13. “Fujin –kwai” meets here today. 15 came – Iwamoto came also & remained overnight. Had the other foreigners for the evening as it was St. Valentine’s day & good time. J – came back at noon.”


            “Thurs., March 7. … J- has to go off to Osaka in haste as Dr. Imbrie has held up the “union” project, left on 9.29 train. Only 6 of us at Bible Class today.”


            “Wed., March 13. J- and I must go to Nagasaki to sign deeds for sale of our store. Start tomorrow so he can godan with the D.R. men again over “Union,” looks rainy. Got to Moji at 9 & staid over night a Takashima sans – meeting Minami san too – Got up early & left for Nagasaki arriving at 3.48 p.m. met by Mr. Peeke.”


            “Sun. March 31. J – here today so we went to ch together, bright but cold wind. J went to Mitajiri this p.m. to preach tonight. Sugimoto has been in to say “good by,” now gone.”


           “Mon. April 8. Looks like rain – J and the C-s leave on 10:50 train. J  for Sasebo & they for Korea. Kindergarten begins today Mrs. Odajiri came & I had a good chance to talk Christ & we are to study the Bible together.”


           “Wed. April 17. Went to Hiroshima today taking P – boys as far as Ogoni – we staid at the Hereford’’s overnight, the Worleys & Mr. Brokaw also there – called on Mrs. Stewart etc. & saw Akiyama who has given up her faith & is now Buddhist”


           “Mon. May 6. “Shokansai” today: Shinto celebration & we all went – neither the Gov. nor wife were there being represented by Mr. & Mrs. Odagiri”


          “Thurs. May 16. This p.m. a Cable from Bd. Says “Union is impossible” ! So all our hopes & plans are crushed!”


           “Thurs. June 20. Have address at school this p.m. & later “play” here for Bible Class & Fujin kwai. 29 came & it is the last time for us to meet till Sept. if we ever do again.”


           “Thurs. July 4. Busy! Fine weather – went to call on Gov. Watanabe as he is to retire soon. Mabushi is the name of new Gov. Called on Col’s wife Mihara san & Mrs. Odagiri & gave her 2 tins of jam 1 egg beater and 1 tin sauce pan. We did not celebrate today on Mr. Moncrieff’s account. He came in tonight.”


           “Sun. Oct. 27. J – went to Mitajiri this. A.m. & I hear he was going to Yanai later but he did not tell me if he meant to go. Payson was bad in ch. Rec’d present of duck from the Gov’s wife this p.m. Hear a man tried to get into the school last night – they think he was a “baka” as he threw a stone at one of the girls, who saw him outdoors.”


            “Fri. Nov. 15th. Sewing woman here- Letter from Dorothea Feel this week has been a crisis in my life. Have come near losing my happiness & by God’s mercy have been able to see my mistake & henceforth hope to do better.”


           “Tues. Dec. 3. My 53rd birthday! I’ve lived many more years than did my mother but my life has not been much good to others I fear. J- gave me a fine handbag & Payson a pen holder – Clara also sent a nice pkg. of useful articles.”


“Tues. Dec. 31. Sore neck, am afraid of same trouble had 2 yrs ago. Happy that Jamie got back from Manchuria today, he is well & did some good by his going …”