Shields, J. W
Autograph Letter Signed, Xenia, Ohio May 26, 1846, to an unidentified recipient

Quarto, 4 pages, neatly inscribed in ink on light blue paper, very good, clean condition.

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"Dear Sir,

On my arrival in town this morning I had the pleasure of receiving your letter of 13th inst. I had began to despair of receiving anything from you I received some weeks ago a letter from John Young dated at Eatonville, written by you, and mailed at Winchester Ky - It afforded me much amusement. Yesterday I recd. A letter from Abigale Easton giving the news of his neighborhood-

The supreme court is now in session here. I write this in the court house, at the Clerk's desk by the side of Matt - Peter Lowe is making a speech in the old slander case between Barr and Galloway - Anthony appears for Pltf. Harlan and Odlin for the Dft. Howard and Prescott have formed a partnership - Jim Sabin sits in Court with his usual gravity - Elijah Sabin is working on the R road - He is not married -

On last Friday Roswell  and myself went over to Clinton County - We called at your father's staid till Saturday noon - went into Wilmington in Company with Arthur Howard and myself then went out to Mr. John's returned to W about 8 oc in the evening - I then went solus to Judge H's and there I found in close tete a tete with Miss H whom do you think - Why Madison W Starks Clerk of the Supreme Court - Green Co. Ohio.  He had gone over on Saturday evening. I was very sorry for my intrusion We staid over night at the Buckeye House - kept by our Mo. Friend Mr. Paris - I had the pleasure of introducing Mr. Howard and Miss Paris - He thot her quite handsome - She is not so slender and delicate as when she shook with the ague in Mo. I feel quite at home over there - Nat Conwell boards at the Buckeye , is in bad health, and is not attending to any business for the present - On Monday morning I had a conversation with Mr. Carothers - He says he has recd. a letter from you written one to you, and recd no answer - his health is not very good at present - Sunday AM and PM was passed very delightfully at Judge H's - a kind of class meeting present Miss Hinkson, Starks, Denver, Welch Bosworth and Sabin - as beaux - his Honor the Judge, W. M. Starks, R F Howard, Arthur H and myself. I tried to make myself very agreeable to Miss W. but I fear I did not succeed - We had a tea party in the Evening - After which Howard and Matt rode out with the ladies - Howard returned about sunset Matt drove out very leisurely on the Prairie road and returned I cannot say when except that he came into Xenia the next day - I expect he whispered many tender things in the ear of Miss H - We staid at your fathers on Sunday night - Your friends are all well. They were very anxious to hear from you, but I could then give them no recent information. On 3d June there is to be a great Odd Fellow celebration at Hillsboro There will be quite a turn out from this Matt of course will escort Miss H - Our visit to Wilmington created quite a sensation there - I presume the good citizens will not cease talking about it for a month. We contemplate another invasion of that peaceable village son.

Barckley Harlan is making court out at Doctor Telfairs - and rumor says his case is a favorable one. Mr. Foose I think drinks too much rot gut.

      On 20th inst I was present at the marriage of Joseph Kendall and Miss Nancy McMillan Rumor says that Joseph Forsman and Kate Kendall are to be married next fall -

I expect to go in a few days to Kentucky on business - I expect to be absent two weeks I cannot say certainly what I may yet do but I think I will stay somewhere in Ohio- I was very glad to hear of Eaton's constancy in the Temperance cause - Watson is out at Paintersville. His wife is teaching school Watson talks of going West- The "Intelligencer" is defunct as you will see by an extra I sent you. The letter you sent to Watson was read about town and afforded much sport and amusement. Old Berck is sitting by me, he says he will volunteer his services in the Mexican War By the way there is a requisition for 7400 soldiers from Ohio - If they wont volunteer they will be drafted. The Whigs oppose the war as they did that in 1812 - The "Torch" holds the following language in regard to the war - "Our sympathies are with Mexico, they are in the right we in the wrong, they fight for Liberty, we for plunder - they can invoke the God of Battles, we if we call on any power, it must be the infernal machinations of Hell" I was much pleased with your change of location from Plattsburgh to Platte City - I feel confident that you will ultimately succeed there. I expected a different result in your suit at Rs from that you intimate - But I see you are prudent and have taken my advice- But I hope you will not get the sack Your friend  Davis has not taken Miss "Alley" alias Alice - If I can get a situation to suit me and one in which I can be usefull I will volunteer for the Mexican War. Why don't some of you military men get up an expedition to cross the Travis and conquer Santa Fe -  On receipt of this write an immediate answer ..."