Banks, J.
Autograph Letter Signed, Fayetteville, North Carolina, June 15, 1855 to Douglass

quarto, 2 pages, written in ink, on thin, blue paper stock, formerly folded, some loss of paper at intersections of fold joints, with minimal effect upon several letters of text, else in good, clean and legible condition.

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Discusses steam boat building and repair, and hopes that Douglass, who lives in the north, can find suitable employment for Elliott, possibly Banks' son:

       "Dear Douglass,

            ... I have been busy as a Bee for two or 3 months & did not have time to write a long letter so concluded to lay it aside & write at leisure, will do so probably next Sunday. New boat done she is a fine boat & pretty fast had she been finished according to your plan she would have been of a sht draft as she now only draws 2 feet. The Bro has been fixed up her boiler patched & moved forward she now draws 14 ½ inches, 5 less than any boat on the River ... I am more anxious to try & get Charlie north with you out of this infernal place he stayed with Elliott until times got so hard then he came home & has been here ever since, he has formed associations that would ruin any boy if he did not get away from them, if though have any love for me try & do something for him he prefers a machinists trade but I think he would wish to be a man fit for anything & would like to follow you in your business if you were Capt of St Bt. Building a Boat or anything else it would suit him. I should be willing to give almost everything I had in the world to see him able & willing to build a boat or Engine or have the knowledge you possess of management in any sort of a business, but should you be able to find anything for him to do you can consult him when he goes north.

           Should you deem it prudent to get him into a shop away from your place let him make your house his home & go there every week, it may be in my power to do as much for you or yours some day, if it comes in the way.

         We are doing a fine business on the river, I am doing first rate..."