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Vernacular Album Recording a Trip to Colorado "Garden of The Gods," circa 1899

oblong 16mo, photograph album containing 30 snapshots mounted on 16 leaves, original paper wrappers, wrappers a bit chipped and worn, else good.

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The photographs are of an identical format each measuring approximately 4 ¼ x 2 ½ inches and were probably taken using the early model of the Kodak 1A folding pocket camera, six of the images measure approximately 4 ¼ x 3 ¼ a format consistent with the Kodak "Rollholder" attachment for the early 1A Folding Pocket camera. Images are generally clean and crisp, and in good focus, and tonality, several are either faded or were poorly exposed and are light low contrast images.

The album is unidentified as to owner or location but the location can be determined given the large number of images of sandstone formations it can be identified as the region known as the "Garden of the Gods," near Colorado City, Colorado.

Included in the album are 14 photographs of the Garden of The Gods, many including a man and woman on horseback, presumably the original owners of the album. There are 6 images of people and residences taken while in Colorado. There are two images of small towns and settlements that appear to have been taken from a train station, one shows an early billboard.

There are seven images of Native Americans, either Pueblo or Hopi, engaged in various activities, on horseback and in shelters, there are two interesting images documenting a number of Native American men engaged in a foot race