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Nepean, Evan (1751-1822)
Autograph Manuscript Signed, April 1st, 1803 to Samuel Hood, Esq., Commodore and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels at Barbados and the Leeward Islands

folio, two pages of a four page bi-folium, old folds, in very good, clean, legible condition.

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Retained copy of orders marked "Most Secret" sent by Nepean, Secretary to the Board of Admiralty, to Samuel Hood, Commander of forces on Barbados, which read as follows:

"By the Commissioners for executing the Office Of Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Ireland &c. " In pursuance of the King's pleasure signified to us by the Rt. Honble Lord Hobart, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State; You are hereby required and directed to make such a disposition of the Force under your command as you may judge most adviseable with a view to the obstructing the arrival of any reinforcement of Troops at the French Islands within the limits of your Station, and in the want of any attempt for that purpose you are to intimate to the officers in Command of such reinforcement that although he cannot be permitted to Land his Troops in any of the said Islands, he is at liberty to proceed to any other station that he may judge most convenient. If notwithstanding such communication, the officer in command of the French Armament should manifest an intention of proceeding to any of the said Islands, he must be informed that Force will be resorted to, to prevent his carrying such an intention into effect, and if he should persist in his design you are in such case to take such measures as may be most effectual for detaining and bringing the said armament into some part of the British Islands, there to remain until you shall receive Instructions for your farther proceedings ... By Command of their Lordships, Evan Nepean".