Penrose, Enoch
Account and Commonplace Book of Quaker cabinet maker - carpenter Enoch Penrose, of Richland Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1789-1814

Folio, 60 manuscript pages, unbound, but stitched; first four leaves clipped, couple of other leaves clipped in half off; some pages dog-eared, tanned, some staining throughout; entries written in ink, in a legible hand; possibly the same hand throughout, irregularly dated 7 September 1789 to 16 April 1814.

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The first 36 pages of the volume comprise an exercise section for mathematics, neatly kept, having sections on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Division of Money, Long Division of Whole Numbers, Compound Division, Of Reduction, Reduction Ascending, and of Troy Weight. This mathematics exercise section appears to be contemporaneous with the account/memorandum section, circa 1790s-1810s.

The remaining 24 pages of the volume consists of an account book and memorandum book, the entries of which are dated irregularly between 7 September 1789 to 16 April 1814. The account book records various work done by Penrose in the areas of carpentry and cabinet making. It lists who he works for, what he is paid, what he did. Sometimes it simply says “x’ number of days work, or carpentry work, other times it lists various items made such as a bedstead, stand, table, desk, chest, drawers, bureau, coffin, breckistabe (breakfast table?), etc., also mentioned are entries for various types of labor, such as: chopping wood, working at the wagon house, or at the shop, on a house, and farm work. He also mentions settling accounts with his father, and he receives meals from a Margaret Green. He worked for a Benjamin Green for several days, and these accounts are likely related.

There are also seven pieces of manuscript notes and ephemera laid in. These items include 2 manuscript pages of the Penrose family genealogy (not dated, c1790s), 2 receipts (dated 2 May 1785, the other not dated), a marriage certificate for Lewis Roberts and Harriet Brooke, of Chester County, Pennsylvania, dated 24 May 1821 (Enoch Penrose married into the Roberts family), and 2 small sheets of paper with manuscript notes.

       Enoch Penrose (1767-1842)

Enoch Penrose was born 1 August 1767. He was the son of John Penrose (1739-1813) and Ann Roberts (1743-1841) of Richland Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Enoch was married on 26 November 1801 to Martha Edwards (1776-1804). She was born on 6 July 1776, the daughter of William Edwards and Meribah Gaskill, originally of Burlington, New Jersey. Together Enoch and Martha had at least one daughter, Meribah Penrose, born on 17 November 1802 and died on 5 December 1841, in Richland. Martha Edwards died about a year and half after the birth of her daughter on 8 May 1804

After the death of his first wife, Enoch was married a second time to Esther Tomlinson (1777-1842) in 1812. Enoch and Esther were the parents of at least four children: Martha Penrose (1813-1848); Matilda Penrose (1815-1877) married Stephen Foulke (1819-1906); Anna Roberts Penrose (1816-1852) married Samuel Shaw (1828-1859); and John Tomlinson Penrose (1820-1861) married Margaret Jamison (1818-1900). All of Enoch’s children with both wives were born in Richland Township.

According to “Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks” (Philadelphia: 1925) by Clarence Vernon Roberts, Enoch Penrose was a Quaker. His second marriage took place at Exeter Monthly Meeting. When he died in 1842, he had an estate of 53 acres of land in Richland Township, which was adjudged by the Orphans’ Court to his only son John T. Penrose. The family evidently resided for some years in Berks County, taking a certificate from Richland Monthly Meeting (Bucks County) to Exeter Meeting (Berks County) on 4 mo. 4, 1823, and bringing a return certificate to Richland on 4 mo. 30, 1830.

Enoch Penrose died at Richland Township on 8 mo. 22, 1842. His Penrose family is an old Quaker family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, arriving about 1717 from Yorkshire, England.