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Delavan, Edward C. (1793-1871)
Autograph Letter Signed, Ballston Centre, New York, January 13, 1854, to an unidentified recipient

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Edward Cornelius Delavan was a wealthy businessman who devoted much of his fortune to promoting the temperance movement. He helped establish the American Temperance Union. He here writes discussing operational details of his efforts to further the cause:

"Dear Sir,

I see that friend Dow has his hands full ... It reminds me of old times when I hardly knew what to do -

I would most cheerfully go on the Phila. At your kind invitation but it is quite out of my power... I am not well and my wifes sister ... is not expected to live from day to day and then again our semi-annual meeting is to take place on the 24th and there is much to do to prepare for it. And since I have recd Mr. D's letter stating he would call the com. on the 23d indeed had done so. I have been quite at rest with regard to our meeting as to material aid. I think upon the whole the Com. will have to come here we want their aid greatly you know our state is rather an important one and it would now take but little to turn the scale. I had hoped the com. would stay here for several days but I suppose that can not be. I shall prepare something for their consideration. I have supposed it possible that the Com. might incline to have a general agent in the field to visit all the state a kind of Dr. Edwards to go ahead and organize the natives - or those parts not yet organized and that you might take charge. If the Com. cannot remain long they might sanction certain things to be carried out by M D and others.

I am sorry that Mr. Mark should have gone out of his way to attack me - Perhaps should I send him another 10,000 he would be kinder - I shall take no notice of his attacks- He was all wrong in his controversy with me - was well whipped but did not know it - But Mr. M has done the cause good service and we must bear with him. ..."