Cowles, David S.
Autograph Letter Signed, on Standard Oil Company letterhead, New York, July 27, 1885 to D. Appleton & Co., New York

quarto, two pages, neatly inscribed in ink, very good condition.

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John D. Rockefeller subsidizes his children’s tutor – later the first professional Anti-Semite in America.

          “Referring to a conversation had with Mr. W. H. Appleton on Saturday last regarding Mr. T. T. Timayenis this agreement with Mr. J. D. Rockefeller concerning Mr. Timayenis’ book, “Greece in the Times of Homer,” that is being published by your good selves. I now beg to hand you herewith a certified copy of the agreement between Mr. Rockefeller [and] Mr. Timayenis from which you will observe that Mr. Rockefeller is entitled to all net proceeds arising from the sale of the above mentioned book until his loan to Mr. Timayenis of $ 3500, & Int on same, has been paid in full – I would therefore request that you kindly notify Mr. Rockefeller from time to time of the amount so received. I will within a few days forward to you a certified copy of the written authority to me Mr. J. D. Rockefeller authorizing me to make the above demand upon you.”

           Telemachus Thomas Timayenis (1853-1918) was a Greek-born professor who was tutor to the Rockefeller children who wrote several histories of Greece, including the book cited in this letter. Three years after this book was published, he left his academic work to found Minerva Publishing Company in New York, the first American publishing company which was “critical of the Jews … along racial lines … rather than considerations of religious doctrine”. In 1888-89, he wrote three anti-Semitic books, including: “The Original Mr. Jacobs: A Startling Exposé,” “The American Jew: An Expose of His Career,” and “Judas Iscariot: An Old Type in a New Form.” One became a best seller, In “The American Jew,” Timayenis provided several illustrations showing physical characteristics on how one might identify a Jew. In the “Original Mr. Jacobs,” Timayenis stated that his former employer, Mr. Rockefeller, conforms to his stereotype and that “the spirit of the Standard Oil Company is simply the spirit of the monopoly, of cruelty, of annihilation of all competitors, a spirit in fact such as manifests itself in the scandalous enterprises of the Jews…”