Autograph Letter, “Home” February 5, 1862 to Jennie

12mo, 4 pages, formerly folded, some minor creasing and soiling, mailing envelope not present, in good legible condition.

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           A Confederate woman writes discussing the war and her views on the war, she hopes that her pro- Confederate views do not offend those of her friend Jane.      

          “Dear Jennie,

… I was in Knoxville last September, and came very near going down to see you. Had I left home with the intention of spending a longer time, than I did, I would certainly have gone – Am sorry now that I didn’t go anyway. There is nothing in the world new, in this part of the “vineyard” Nearly all of our boys are at home now having lost all their horses at our late defeat at Somerset, were ordered home to get more – will leave in a few days. Button and Will Neill have been at home for several weeks sick both are well now and will go back with their company. Only one of our boys were killed, and one or two wounded. That was a sad, sad day for our brave boys, had they not lost their gallant and noble leader? But that alone is enough to make every true Tennessean’s heart thrill with sorrow, but he could not have died engaged in a nobler or better work than fighting unjust oppression and subjugation. My prayer is that the lasting curse of Heaven may blight the prospects of every vile wretch who dares to raise his hand in “putting down this Rebellion” as they call it. Well Jane I don’t know what your opinions are on this great question, but I hope if they do not exactly coincide with mine that I have said nothing to offend …”