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Whedbee, Clare A.
Mediterranean Travel Diary of Clare A. Whedbee, of Baltimore, Maryland, 1913-1914; with Correspondence, Photos, and Ephemera, 1892-1919

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Manuscript travel Diary of Clare A. Whedbee, octavo, 79 manuscript, plus 10 pages of notes at beginning written in Italian on historical subjects, plus blanks; entries dated 1 November 1913 to 9 May 1914; bound in limp cloth, spine cocked, chipped at spine, worn at corners and edges, scuffed on covers, otherwise good, one leaf loose, written in pencil in a legible hand. The trip appears to be a Mediterranean voyage to Gibraltar, Portugal (Madera), Spain (Cadiz, Cordova, Seville), Algeria (Algiers, Constantine), Morocco (Tangiers), Italy (Palermo, Trapani, Taormina, Syracuse, Naples, Rome, Florence, Milano, etc.) and from Florence, she appears to have boarded trains driving through Switzerland to Belgium where she apparently was to catch a ship back to the United States.

23 letters, 77 pp., not dated; written by Clare A. Whedbee to her fiancé, later husband, Michael Ernest Jenkins; while the letters are not dated, some letters mention their daughter Claire (who was born in 1924) and some letters Clare signs the letters as his wife (they married in 1918), other letters are signed with her maiden name, thus the letters likely date from the 1910s-1920s; a couple of letters are posted from “Woodfield’s” and “Highland Lake” both inns at Flat Rock, North Carolina; one letter is from New Orleans; the letters are not dated and do not have envelopes, but it would appear that Clare is away home visiting family in North Carolina, writing to her husband in Baltimore, telling him of the trips in the mountains she goes on, golfing, swimming in the lake, includes mostly family social history, news of parties, dinners, outings, family health, etc.

60 miscellaneous incoming letters, 161 pp., dated 15 April to 8 July 1918, several not dated, written to Chare A. Whedbee, from friends and family congratulating her on her engagement and marriage; several letters have mentions of World War One.

8 incoming letters, 26 pp., 6 envelopes; written to Clare A. Whedbee, dated 7 April 1907 to 25 April 1919 (two undated); from various family and friends; one of the letters of 1907 is written by someone named “Donaldson,” who is in Japan and describes a Shogun tea ceremony they attended; another letter congratulates her on completing the Red Cross “Preparation of Surgical Dressings” course.

34 photographs, black and white snapshots, not dated, various sizes; two are real photo postcards, dated 1907 and 1908, others c1910s-1920s.

60 pieces of printed and manuscript ephemera, including: telegrams, used envelopes, short manuscript postcard size note cards, calling cards, invitations, newspaper clippings, 3 manuscript poems, Red Cross certificate, various dates, c1900-1920.

*A biographical sketch of Clare Whedbee and Sample Quotes can be emailed upon request.