Hamilton, Charles Smith
Autograph Letter Signed, West Point, New York, March 20, 1843 to his sister, Miss Sylvia Hamilton, Attica, New York

quarto, 3 pages, plus integral address leaf, in very good, clean and legible condition.

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A long letter by a 21 year-old romantic about Academy events and his black horse, “Sultan”, (“the noblest steed we have”), with personal, philosophic – and literary comments. He defends “my favorite”, Byron, against his sister’s objection that the poet had “no moral tendency”. But, “as to Dickens, whose simplicity you so much admire, his writings are mostly agreeable, but he has shown himself unworthy of American respect. A man who criticizes National character and selects for his criterion the most degraded portion of every class cannot be actuated by motives of impartiality and seeks only to give vent to his prejudice…”


Charles Dickens, had, a year earlier, made his first trip to the United States.