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C., W.M
Autograph Letter Signed Hemingford, Nebraska, October 8, 1896 to his friend Will

quarto, one page, on the letterhead of the “Burlington & Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska,” folded, inscribed in ink in a neat legible hand.

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Friend Will

            … I have been very busy lately and am having a hell of a time with a store keeper here. He reports me every day just to keep in practice and I am going to lick him good some of these days.

           I don’t know what to say about going to Mexico. I was in New Mexico once and I didn’t like it a bitt account the greasers. They are a hard looking sett of sons of B. and for that reason I thought I would never like Mex. I guess a person could get work and lots of good pay, but I never fancied it a very pleasant place to live.

            If you go down there I want you to come up here and make me a visit first. I understand business is picking up in good shape in your country and think you will surely get a job soon. Must close a stock ex is coming …”

The writer a railroad worker, writes his friend sharing his racist views of Mexicans. The derogatory term “greaser”, referring to a Mexican-American or Hispanic, is said to date from 1849. The term had a resurgence of use in the 1950s in reference to a person of Italian-American heritage.