Walker, Augustus
Account and Memorandum Book of Augustus Walker, of Medway, Massachusetts and Baltimore, Maryland, kept before and during his attendance at Andover Theological Seminary and as a Missionary to Diarbekir, Turkey, 1843-1861

octavo, 150 pages of entries, plus blanks, entries dated 1 Nov 1843 to 5 April 1861, bound in original calf and sheep, chipping to spine tips, boards rubbed and scuffed, outside front hinge cracked, but holding, two leather spine labels, entries written in ink, in a legible hand.

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The Rev. Augustus Walker was the son of Dean and Rebecca (Wright) Walker and was born 30 Oct 1822, at Medway, Massachusetts. He began his preparation for college at Leicester Academy after he had already been for some years engaged in Charleston, South Carolina and in Baltimore, in mercantile pursuits.  He graduated from Yale in 1849, attended Bangor Theological Seminary for one year, and then graduated from the Theological Seminary, at Andover, in 1852. He was ordained that same year on 16 Oct 1852, and on the same day married Eliza M. Harding, of Auburndale, and soon after (7 Jan 1853) sailed as a missionary of the American Board, to Smyrna, a few months after his arrival Walker went to Diarbekir, on the Tigris River in Eastern Turkey. Here the remaining 13 years of his life were chiefly spent. He traveled to America in 1864 for a few months and after his return to Turkey, he succumbed to Cholera on September 13, 1866. Mrs. Walker was the daughter of the Rev. Sewall Harding of Waltham, Massachusetts. Together she and Augustus Walker had six children, one of which was born in America, and two of whom died in Turkey.

His wife Elizabeth and her four surviving children returned to Auburndale after his death and lived with her parents. Her father built her a house and she moved into that house with her children, she took in boarders to help with her expenses. After the death of her parents she established a successful school for the training of missionary children sent to this country for their education. The school, now called "The Walker Center" is still in existence.

Walker's father, Dean Walker, was engaged in the manufacture of machinery and was successful in industry. He established, in connection with others, a cotton manufactory near Baltimore, Maryland, where he spent several years. Dean Walker was born 25 Feb 1793, also at Medway. He married 29 Nov 1814 Rebecca Wright, daughter of Henry and Sally Newhall Wright. She was born 10 Oct 1793 at Boston. They resided in Baltimore and in Medway, Massachusetts. Mrs. Rebecca Walker died 29 Apr 1864. Mr. Walker married 3 May 1865 Mrs. Susan Symonds, nee Symonds, daughter of Thorndike and Elizabeth (Girdler) Symonds, and widow of John Chapman Symonds. She was born 27 Jan 1803, at Salem, MA. Mr. Walker died 25 March 1875. Mrs. Susan walker died 3 Feb 1878. Their children were: Horace Dean; William; William F.; Augustus our account & memorandum writer; John Savage Walker; Rebecca; and Arabella.

Walker's account & memorandum book includes accounts with various family members: John S. Walker, Dean Walker, and Horace Walker, as well as others like Comfort Tiffany, Arthur Lalanne and Alvah Goring. There may be a relationship between Walker and Tiffany, as Tiffany and Walker's family had connections to Killingly, Connecticut, Walker's grandfather was named Comfort Walker.

Accounts were kept before Walker went to Seminary School (Bangor and Andover), during Seminary, and after he went to Turkey, where he lived as a missionary with his family from 1853 until his death in 1866. When he went to seminary he kept his expense accounts for a year at "Bangor Theological Seminary" (Oct 1849 to Oct 1850) and for two years at "Andover Theological Seminary" (Oct 1850 to Nov 1852). Expense accounts were kept from the time he left Boston till he arrived at Diarbekir and while he was at Diarbekir and travelled in the area (1853-1856). There are also accounts recorded for "loans" and "returns," as well as "cash" accounts and "Doctrinal Tract & Book Society" accounts.  Purchases of note by Walker are large numbers of books apparently for his own use and also on behalf of the Doctrinal Tract and Book Society. Walker also purchased many Turkish carpets while in Turkey. Accounts are kept for letters he wrote and for accounts for the "Gentleman's Association" and the "Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company."