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Cobb, Amos
Autograph Letter Signed, June 4th 1840, Schoolcraft, Michigan to Samuel Cobb, Cobb Corners, New Hampshire

quarto, two pages, inscribed on a four page bi-folium, old folds and creases, remains of sealing wax, free frank and Schoolcraft, Michigan postal stamp, in good legible condition.

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Cobb writes to relatives back home with news from the West, family news, hard times and also touching upon political matters:

"...the times are said to be very hard produce very low money scarce so much for Vanburenism and Slavery, and the Whigs are wide a wake for Harrison and Slavery and I am like old Billy Wood of two evils I choose neither. The Locofoco Dems & Whigs have almost ruined our country it is time to look out for honest men I am traveling a circuit this season there is a little moral virtue left in our country and much kneed [sic] of a general reform Death is at hand and we must get ready for it."