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Aeriel (pseud.)
Autograph Letter Signed, Washington, to J. G. Bennet, Editor of the Herald, New York, [circa 1844]

folio, one page, folded, now flattened, postal markings and address on verso, in very good, clean condition.

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“Aeriel,” a journalist, writes Bennet on current events and the political situation in Washington:


“My Dear Mr. Bennet,

Any fool of a Reporter can tell you what has happened but I can tell you what will happen. Tomorrow there is to be a dreadful waste of breath in the House of Representatives about adjourning on 27 inst. Which will be decided in the Negative or if it is not the Senate will not sanction any such resolution – In the Senate the chief Work this week will be the Treaty … which will be ratified by a large majority also the Boarding houses and Hotels here are filled with English, French, Habsburg, Bremen and Hanoverian Agents who drink one anothers health in Port Wine, Champagne and Gin to the profit of the Landlords, but cannot persuade the grave Senators that a reduction on the duty of Tobacco by the greatest smokers in the World is going to reduce this Nation to beggary. The Texas Fever is strengthening and even the down Easters think it may not be a bad speculation for their… Interests and are coming in fast. And Tyler Stock is rising fast but the Loco Foco’s look sad and if you wish to keep up your reputation for humanity you should give him and Mr. Van Buren a Lift. I met one of them in the Avenue this morning repeating Woolsey’s monologue – pity the sorrows… The President is cutting off heads at a great rate – his last was the Consul at Antwerp and I advise all office holders to come on home by the first train – …”