Winthrop, Adam
Autograph Letter Signed, Boston, April 28, 1735 to Rev. Stephen Williams, Springfield, Massachusetts

Small quarto, two pages on a four page bi-folium, formerly folded, now flattened, remains of sealing wax, in very good, clean and legible condition.

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Winthrop, Secretary of Massachusetts, writes to Williams, the son of John Williams (1664-1729)1 minister and author, minister at Deerfield, whose family was taken captive in the famous 1704 raid, and author of The Redeemed Captive, concerning funds he is advancing to alleviate the "needy circumstances of the Housatonack Indians": "... Two days since I recd. A Letter from Mr. Hopkins & another from Mr. Timo. Woodbridge both of the same import. Signifying Mr. Woodbridge's need of money & desiring he might be paid for his services as Schoolmaster, & setting forth the needy circumstances of the Housatonack Indians, that by the National meeting & otherwise their Stock was so exhausted, that unless Ten of Twelve pounds were sent them, to buy a Stock of Corn they would be forced to disperse & could not attend the Schooling; the Comr. could not so suddenly meet to act upon it, however I have sent pr. Mr. Brewer Ten Pounds for the Indians to but Corn & Ten Pounds for Mr. Woodbridge's present Supply ... Mr. Sergeant having also represented in a Letter without Date, That Ebenezer has taken pains as his interpreter That he Pray'd daily with the Indians and was so far diverted from his Business, that he has got into debt & desiring some allowance might be made to him I have likewise sent for him Ten Pounds ..."