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Advertisement. This Is to Give Notice, that Capt. Albert Pawling, of Ulster County, in the New-York, and Catherina his Wife, and Mr. Gilbert Livingstone, of Said County, and Cornelia his Wife, Intend to apply to the Honourable House of Representatives of this Province, …

[New York: William Bradford? or John Peter Zenger?, 1728] broadside, measuring 12 ⅝ x 6 ½ inches, formerly folded in quarters, partially printed broadside, accomplished in manuscript, signed by Jacob Kip, with his mark, and by Roslof Kip, on August 2, 1728. Slightly trimmed along right edge, otherwise very good.

Albert and Catherine Pawling and Gilbert and Cornelia Livingstone sought an act of assembly of New York for permission to sell “some part of certain Lands in this City and County, and other Parts of this Province, formerly belonging to Coll. Henry Beekman, late of Said County of Ulster.” The advertisement was posted for several successive Sundays in the English, Dutch and the French Church in the City of New York. (see image above).

Unrecorded early New York imprint: Not in Evans, Bristol, Shipton-Mooney, etc., not in the online catalogs of AAS or The Library Company of Philadelphia, nor is it found in OCLC.